2018 Reno Rodeo

Sorry, but 2018 Reno Rodeo is either no longer playing at Reno Livestock Events Center, 1350 N Wells Ave, Reno, Nevada or tickets have already sold out.

While the history of rodeo can be traced as far back as the 1820s or 30s, when cowboys and workers based in the United States and Northern Mexico compared their skills at rounding up cattle, it really came to the fore as a sport after the American Civil War.

By the early 20th century rodeo shows had become a mainstay in many parts of the US. Women as well as men began to take part and events were combined with fair-style and musical entertainment to draw even bigger crowds.

There are two main displays; rough stock events and timed events, and within those several competitive events can take place such as team roping, steer wrestling, bareback bronc riding and barrel racing. Nowadays, rodeo is a sanctioned sport and has spread to other countries where horse riding and cattle farming techniques are also prolific, such as Australia and New Zealand.

1350 N Wells Ave, Reno, Nevada.

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